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Kew a ‘Digital Britain’ partner by kewdmt

I once got a confused reaction from an American after telling him I worked at Kew Gardens, which to him is a suburb of Queens, NYC. I’ve occasionally had equally bemused reaction when telling people that I run the digital media team at Kew – what would a garden do with digital media?

nesta and kew

This is what I tell them…. as one of the leading science institutes in the UK (and the leading plant science institute in the world), Kew is a gem in UK plc’s public service landscape, and digital media is a key tool for unlocking that potential.

So it was great to see Kew highlighted in the government’s Digital Britain report last week, not only as an example of good use of digital media but also announcing we’re going to partner with a range of other public sector organisations including Arts Council and Tate on a pilot run by NESTA of new approaches to digital procurement and IPR in the public sector ( | this link opens a pdf | see pp. 217 – 219).

I hope this pilot will help streamline and focus procurement of digital projects in the public sector – creating advantages for both commissioners and suppliers.

Kew plays both these roles at different times, so is in a particularly interesting place to work on this. One of the areas that I’d like to see coming out of the pilot is the ability for commissioners and suppliers to form better partnerships – that ultimately benefit the supplier by enabling them to grow their business, and the commissioner by supporting the exploitation of their IPR. It will be a very interesting project.

If you’re interested in following Kew’s progress with this project, then do watch this space for updates.

For more day-to-day stuff from Kew’s digital media team you can also follow @gardenadventure on twitter.

-Mike Saunders-


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Mike, Delighted to hear of your NESTA IPR work. Please note significant new tools developed on IP and online content by the Strategic Content Allaince. TNA have helped steer this, so worthy of note. Happy to provide more information – but check out the SCA Blog for free tools and outline of new work.

Comment by Stuart Dempster

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